The dawn of promotional keyring evolution…

At Just Keyrings we specialise in bringing to you everything and anything you could possibly want in the keyring world. As the name suggests we deal with keyrings and keyrings alone. That’s right – ‘Just Keyrings’. However, on this blog you may find something a little more interesting…

The printed promotional keyring blog

Here, we strive to bring you something slightly different to the usual promotional jargon that has now become synonymous with online business. While it stands to reason budding businesses can benefit from publishing product information, industry gossip and promotional rants one must also ask the question; ‘who really wants to follow a tweet on the lastest acrylic keyfob?’

Unfortunately too many small businesses now blog on matters any simple good search or quick flick in a magazine can cover. Keyrings may not appear to be the most interesting of topics and that gives us all the more reason to offer a fresh insight on the otherwise dreary and mundane accounts of online business.

So prepare yourselfs for a little promotional marketing know-how, detail and information on keyrings you didn’t think were possible and perhaps a splice of life in the developmental world of keyring production. As well as keeping you informed with information on new and existing products, we’ll be reviewing jobs we’ve dealt with and finding out how our keyrings have been used after life in our factory.

As for now, in the most fitting of ways to introduce our online blog: a little word on the notion of promotion – the one and only reason for our business and in turn the success of yours. Audience engagement and interaction with your brand doesn’t come cheaper than in the form of a promotional keyring. For that reason and that reason alone Just Keyrings can profit from focusing in something as small and specialised as a keyring. It’s just up to you to feel the reward.

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