Custom Keyrings Raise Awareness!

Promotional keyring ideas

Here at Just Keyrings we’re constantly on the look out for creative, imaginative, and resourceful use of keyrings. As a promotional company that specialises in keyrings it’s always nice to see the positive results of a campaign that uses such products. What strikes us even more is when we come across promotions that directly benefit the lives of others – not something you would usually associate with a keyring!

However, for last years ‘Women’s Refuge Week’ in New Zealand custom keyrings were used to raise awareness of domestic violence against women.



How you say?
In a very unconventional and daring move, organisers placed keys with a customised card keyfob in the doors of random homes across the State. Although at first homeowners were startled to find a key placed inside their door (thinking someone may have gained entry to their house), upon reading the tag they would find the message “What if a violent criminal had a key to your door? Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 NZ women. Open this tag to help them live without fear.”

The campaign brought astounding national coverage and the Women’s Refuge reported that attendance rose by 60% compared to previous years.