Every Little Helps: Allen Carr’s Easyway Method

Ad-Loop Keyrings used for No Smoking Campaign

It’s all very well saying how great promotional products are and how they can benefit your business, but isn’t it nice to put a story to the tale every once in a while?

Allen Carr’s ‘Stop Smoking Sessions’ worked with Just Keyrings to produce Ad-Loops with a greater purpose. By giving out Ad-Loops with their contact details they ensure clients will always have a number to call in times of need.

Joan Halley of Allen Carr’s explains, “We run stop smoking sessions UK-wide (and all over the world) using Allen Carr’s Easyway method. Here at Allen Carr’s head office in London we give all our clients a keyring to make sure they have our contact details in the future. For details of our clinics please visit our website www.allencarr.com


The low cost and high return of this project allow Allen Carr to spread the word, show their support and really make clients feel part of the team. We love the project and wish them all the best!