A 100% Unique keyring idea by ‘Unique Impressions’

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We found this story while reading a local newspaper and thought it was such a nice idea everyone else should know about it too. Miss White, of ‘Unique Impressions’ has brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘custom keyring’.

After leaving her job with North Yorkshire Police only last month, Miss White has begun making jewellery, which utilises her unique skills once honed to fight crime. As a police investigator she was responsible for taking the fingerprints of suspected criminals. Now she takes fingerprints, handprints and footprints and leaves the impression in solid silver to create unique and personnel jewellery.

We think it’s beautiful stuff. What could be nicer for a parent than carrying their child’s fingerprint with them at all times, capturing their youth forever. For more information, visit unique-impressions.co.uk.