3 Things to consider before buying blank acrylic keyrings

blank insert keyrings arcylic metal leather

Blank Keyrings are great if you want to create genuinely unique keyrings that have the exact look and feel you desire. Whether you have the most basic or intricate design ideas in mind, blank keyrings will let you show them off to the world. Be as creative as you want with the design by using pressed leaves or any other alternative to the usual paper inserts!

Of course, if you want to work with blank keyrings and paper inserts, there are a couple of things you probably want to think about before making the purchase…

1) Remember – They can be fiddly little things!

To make the most of your blank keyrings you should have at least an understanding of design programs, such as InDesign, Illustrator, Publisher, or CorelDRAW. With a basic knowledge you can easily design a template and print your work on any A4 paper or card, which can be cut to fit the keyrings.

Another option is to use the software Eaziprint, which automatically prints your designs onto pre-cut insert sheets.

Remember if you decide it’s a little out of your depth – get in touch with a keyring manufacturer.

2) Trying to save money?.. Then value your own time.

With prices ranging from 15p to a little over ¬£1 each, blank keyrings are as cheap as promotional items come… or are they? They seem like the perfect option if you’re on a very tight budget. Well this is true if we leave out the value of your own time! By the time you’ve created a design (2-4 hours), formated an A4 Page to print perfectly (1-2 Hours) , cut the inserts out (1 hour) and assembled the keyrings – we’re talking a good half a days work. For busy business owners there is time much better spent than making keyrings! the wide assortment of blank keyrings available online.

3) Think Quality.

Always keep in mind that your keyrings will be representing your company for the life of the keyring itself. While you’re creating your keyrings you’ll need to focus on quality:

  • Think about using cutter marks and using a sharp surgical scalpel.
  • Remember to leave the ink dry (overnight ideally) before handling the inserts.
  • You’ll need clean (and strong!) hands to fold & insert the paper inserts.
  • Give each keyring a wipe with a cloth to rid fingerprint marks.

If your keyrings are going out to important customers you may want to think about getting a keyring supplier to do it for you (extra vivid print finishes, great quality paper, precise cutting and assembly).