Look to the future: 3d printed keyrings

Recently the machine processor monsters Intel reported that they are creating a 3d scanner little enough to fit in our mobile tablets. They’re not a long way from it either. They expect to have them in the tablets by 2015. They then want to roll out the same innovation to our smartphones by 2017 if not sooner. This bit of technology will allow you to just point your tablet at the item you want to print, be it a human, your pet, or a plant… and it makes a 3d render of it that you can then 3d print.

The thing that excites us with 3d printing is the potential outcomes. They are apparently limitless. So when you combine the technology of 3d printing, with the ability to scan your own objects, then we’re truly cooking with gas! I don’t know if you are aware of 3d printers, however to bring you up to speed with the current situation. When they first came out they were quite expensive, they were also slow, large and awkward. Now the most recent ones coming out are around $360, personal and small. This is brilliant. Along with the cheap(ish) 3d printers that are out there now, there are also a load of websites that you can get 3d print designs. So you can log in, find that “design” for a new picture frame you’ve wanted, hit print and Bobs your uncle! You have a brand spanking new frame for your favourite Cat selfie.

What this does as well is it challenges the disposable society that we live in right now. In the event that you can print yourself another iPhone case because yours broke when you dropped it. You will do that rather than simply purchasing another one. As we all know in this day and age we chuck away a larger number of things than we should. Gone are the days when we used to alter things our self. So with this 3d printing we can get ingenious once more, we can begin to spare things on the off chance that they break, and we can get more creative with our new approaches for fixing everyday things if necessary? I think this is one of the most attractive things about 3d printing, at least for me personally.

What 3d printing also does, is challenge us to be more inventive, there has been a rise in the movement of the “Maker”, where we have been seeing the most dramatic progressions in 3d printing, after all the planets first ever 3d printed automobile has just been made, and it has been hailed as the beginning of the ‘third industrial revolution’. 3D printing also holds lots of promise for countries and areas that find it costly or difficult to receive important parts for their hospitals, processing plants and so on.

So what can we learn from the rise of 3D printing here? It makes it very exciting actually, this means we would be able to take any of your bespoke designs and turn them into 3d printed keyrings, unique and personal for your company. We can then get them delivered straight to your door, so you’d have a completely unique keyring for your brand, that’s been printed in a quicker time with more individuality. You could for example get a miniature scale F1 car, with full moving parts, on a keyring for a promotional Formula 1 pack? OK so you could probably do that now, but it would take a long time, and would in no doubt be rather costly. 3D printings evolution will half the time, and half the price.

So from having the ability to generate scans of physical items, to having any of your scans transformed into a fully custom 3d printed keyring. This is a very exciting time for not only technology, but for all of us. It’s going to be interesting to see how promotional items can be incorporated into the newest technological boom.